A mobile studio enables Dan to not only travel to new locations to photograph, but to also continue his studio reponsibilities on the road, which even includes drawing. 
The process of creating artwork is a long one.  Dan creates each piece of artwork separately beginning with a sketch.  Once each image is complete he scans it into the computer and begins the layout process.  Depending on the product he is creating for, he has many options in the design.
Once a collection is complete, it becomes available for licensing.  This is handled by Dan's wife, Barb, who prepares the art for marketing.  She then works with current and potential clients to meet their needs while Dan is onto creating the next collection.  Seeing Dan's artwork on licensed products is always exciting, especially for the kids.  We continue to expand into different markets as technology and printing processes progress.  

Dan's love of the outdoors started as a child being raised in the beautiful mountains of upstate New York.  Some of Dan's best work is inspired from his experiences in nature in which he photographs. 
 Dan tries to travel at least three times a year to shoot reference and gain inspiration from different locations.  Last summer's travels to Nova Scotia inspired three different art collections, which include lodge, shore and landscape textures for fabric.  These have all been licensed on various product lines.